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Finding The Perfect Patio Sofa Set for Commercial Businesses

With so many different types and qualities of patio furniture out there today, it is often hard to decipher the ones that are worth your money and those that are cheap but will be replaced in a year or two’s time. When you’re opening up a commercial business like a hotel or restaurant, it is […]

Luxury mattresses with made to measure mattress

Luxury mattresses are best to use for home as they provide great comfort to the body and also are best to use. Such luxury mattresses are very expensive but the price is simply worth due to its superior quality of fabric and innovative design. If you are looking for one of the luxury mattresses for […]

BC Wildfires: BCAA advice to homeowners

A hazy, ethereal sunrise reminds BC residents of the wildfires currently burning around the province. As a homeowner, what should you do if you are put on evacuation notice? Brooke Moss, Home Insurance Product Manager at BCAA shares some important steps homeowners can follow when threatened by a wild fire. Brooke Moss: The first thing […]

Agent Clint’s appearance on The Deal Detectives

Agent Clint recently appeared on the television show, The Deal Detectives. He discusses with host, Mike Kilburn, the advantages that Shop Once Insurance offers to consumers over direct companies like Geico and one company agents like State Farm.

Keller-Brown Insurance Services-Auto Insurance, Shrewsbury, PA

Security, protection, peace of mind- you’ll find all of this at Keller-Brown Insurance Services. Since 1899, the community has relied on us for all of their insurance needs, and we offer a variety of individual and business policies for your every need, including everything from auto and home insurance to health, life, and business coverage. […]

LA Insurance Auto & Homeowners Advanced Underwriters Slidell

Tired of insurance carriers putting you on hold and holding your emails in queue? Get personal service today from your local agents at Advanced Underwriters in Slidell, Louisiana. Serving the community since 1984, they build and price insurance policies to meet the unique demands of local homeowners, motorists and small businesses. Best of all, they’re […]

Health & Renter’s Insurance : About Prenatal Health Insurance

Many health insurance plans will cover maternity or prenatal necessities through existing medical coverage. Discover why it can be difficult to get health coverage after an individual is already pregnant with help from an insurance representative in this free video on health insurance. Expert: John Pinelli Bio: John Pinelli is a financial representative. Filmmaker: Bing […]

Great Floor Debate: New Bamboo vs. Restore Old Floor

In home improvement projects, the popular eco-friendly products are not always the best solution. Lester Graham has the story of a home improvement intervention. Kevin Leeser was not happy with the floors downstairs in his one-hundred year old house. KL: Well, weve lived here five years and just over the five years theyve started to […]

Moving a Doorway, Part 3 — Hanging Out

The Handy Goddess (Barbara Wurden) crashed through her wall and proceeds to frame out the space for her doors. She then installs disassembled door jambs and hangs the doors for the new entrance into her art studio in this diy home improvement door installation demonstration.

How to lay a laminate wood floor: installing trim near a closet door

How to lay a laminate wood floor: installing trim near a closet door will finish off your project. Do you know where to end your trim at the closet door, once you lay the laminate wood flooring down?….knowing how to do this might be a good idea. Just because you’ve completed laying your wood flooring […]