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Best interior designs, spring 2017

Spring is a season, when everything is changing, colours stop being grey and everything is blooming, the same is happening and in sphere of design.


Trends of spring 2017 are presented below:

  • Copper

Making a copper accent in design is and would be a popular feature, so even small elements of copper in flat will be fashionable.

  • Marble wallpaper

Marble wallpaper in design will make design stylish, no matter which colours would be chosen, starting from gold ones and to black ones.

  • Wood tiles

Using wood tiles in design always was up-to-date and this spring is not an exception.

  • Navy blue color

Black color was always popular in design of interiors, but this season it was changed into navy blue and the result was amazing. It’s a perfect feature of Scandinavian design, but also may be used in others ones.