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Inspired by nature

Each sphere of work need inspiration, no matter what profession you have, doctor, waitress or designer.

Designers are people of art in some case, so they can easily find inspiration in nature. Everything around us can give ideas to make something special if we would just look on it closer.

Paying attention on details of nature each designer can take something for his creations, regardless of sphere he works in. Also it’s possible to find different ideas, colors and textures from a various sources and to combine them.

Designers have total freedom to create something interesting, so risk is that thing, they should take. For example, on of famous creators, Nick La, takes elements, which he founds in nature in his abstract works and does it perfectly.

Even those, who start their career try to find something new and interesting in nature, as it’s seen in works of creators.

Abstracts, which were made with the inspiration by nature, made Nick La popular, maybe the same would happen with you?