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Adding a little extra to your home

Adding those finishing touches to a room can be the perfect way to give it a little personality and life, a rug for example in a vivid colour can really brighten up an otherwise neutral palette.

Area rugs are a great way to really bring out your home decorating and depending on the style they can add sophistication or flair to any one room.

A rug is also a great way to pad out a hardwood floor and can give a stylish burst of life to a hallway, a bedroom, a living room, a study or a spare room.

There are an assortment of rugs on the market, some are more eccentric in style, and there are also patterned rugs that come in vivid shades. Others are more modern and appear a little abstract then of course there are the block colours styles, which work to add a simple splash of colour to a room. A great trick that will allow you to bring the whole room together is to choose a rug that is either of the same colour or has some colours that are the same as other pieces in that room, such as cushions, paintings, flowers and ornamental pieces.

Rugs are one of the most popular furnishings when it comes to finishing touches in the land of decorating. They have been used for many years to decorate an array of venues, including royal palaces, museums, galleries and boutiques. This is mainly because they offer both beauty and durability in entryways, dining rooms, living areas and bedrooms.

Rugs are not just floor coverings or a way to hide a spillage; they are now seen as art for your floor, especially when there are no end to the designs and colours available!

Rugs also come in a range of sizes, some extremely small, these are apt for doorways and entrances and others extremely large in size, and these are more suited to grander areas, such as the main living room or bedroom.

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