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Great Floor Debate: New Bamboo vs. Restore Old Floor

In home improvement projects, the popular eco-friendly products are not always the best solution. Lester Graham has the story of a home improvement intervention. Kevin Leeser was not happy with the floors downstairs in his one-hundred year old house. KL: Well, weve lived here five years and just over the five years theyve started to get grayer and you can tell that the finish was in the high traffic areas—you could tell where we were walking it looks like we were hamsters walking through this place. LG: This is maple, right? KL: Pfft. Yeah, thats what they tell me. Kevin toyed with the idea of finishing the maple floors but that sounded really involved. And then the in-laws visited during the holidays. KL: My mother-in-law was like “Why dont you get new floors.” (laugh) And I was like “well, yeah”, it would be easier, cause the things I was concerned about were sawdust, and cause I have a newborn, just dirtying up the house and figured just getting some clean stuff, cutting it outside, sticking it down and be done with it. LG: So, wanting to be eco-friendly, he thought hed put down bamboo flooring. Bamboo is renewable and it grows fast and its pretty popular these days. Then his neighbor stopped by. Matt Grocoff the eco-friendly home improvement guy with www.Greenovation.TV who had some eh—thoughts about Kevins plan. MG: And, I, like, practically smacked him in the face and I said “What are you thinking?” This is a gorgeous floor. Go rent yourself a sander or even hire

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