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Economical home improvement: How to save money and make money when upgrading

Optimize your home’s value as well as your savings using these economical and environmentally friendly home improvement tips. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after slashing your electric and heating bills or have big plans to increase your property value, these economical restoration and décor ideas are sure to do the trick. If any of the ideas presented here make sense and ultimately help you either save money or make money through value addition to your home, the object of this article will have been achieved. Besides the monetary benefits, you will also have the privilege of living in a ‘green home’.

Properly insulating your roof is a key factor for saving on heating bills. Not only will adequate roofing insulation save you money every year, it will also increase the value of your property by a considerable percentage. Insulation isn’t that expensive, and will cost you about two hundred and fifty dollars for a three-unit home. Opt for the recommended type and thickness of insulation to optimize your savings.

Solar panels on your roof are one of modern technology’s answers to the energy crisis. With an installation cost of about three thousand dollars, you can recover your money in about 7 years. Although you need clear skies for the solar-powered system to work, it can provide about 70 percent of your hot water needs in summer months. For best effect, because the continental United States is in the temperate climate zone, south-facing solar panels will be most effective. Though a little on the pricey side, it will add to your property value.

There are several other changes you can make on the inside as well as outside the home to optimize your home’s value as well as save cash on home improvement. Windows are a major source of heat loss; using WER compliant windows make home heating efficient. Adding an enclosed porch can also be a great way not only to contain the heat within doors, but also get some extra storage space in the bargain.

Doing a re-planning instead of a full-scale renovation might actually be a better enhancer of home value when you consider the return on your investment. A change in the existing layout can be much simpler and still achieve the value addition you seek. Consult with an architect about knocking down non-load-bearing walls to give your rooms that look of spacious luxury that is sure to be a cost-enhancer.

Putting in eco-friendly floor materials is also a good way to increase the value of your home. Cork and wood is popular, as is bamboo. Since these are all renewable resources, they will have a neutral carbon footprint, and will also improve insulation during the colder months.

Your garden is a great place to work on in terms of improving value as well as saving the environment. Planting hardy shrubs to save water, growing your own vegetables, and using climbers and trellis fencing can help you use less material and give your property an up-market look as well.

In conclusion, whatever economical home improvement initiatives you undertake, check whether they’re either saving money or potentially making money for you in future. Using this as a yardstick will always be the wiser of many roads.

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