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Effective outdoor lights  is the nation’s premier trade lighting suppliers and in addition to supplying superb indoor lighting, we also stock a great selection of outstanding outdoor wall lights. From stunning stainless steel Tia outdoor LED wall lights which are aesthetically pleasing and extremely economical, to the York range of contemporary outdoor lamps, we truly have something for every taste and budget.

The STO28 range has a unique and stylish contemporary shape which is similar to a robotic version of an Olympic torch and it has become increasingly popular in recent times. This forty watt and two hundred and forty volt lamp will bathe your outdoor areas in swathes of warm invigorating light.  For a more classic and traditional outdoor lantern, the Southampton model is a truly timeless torchlight which will look amazing on the walls of any property. We also stock various spotlights and spike lights, which as well as making an outdoor area look attractive and useable during the dark European winters, provide security benefits in discouraging intruders and potential thieves.  Most of our outdoor wall lights are suitable for use in private or commercial properties and all of them add a touch of glamour to any outside area.

By purchasing high quality yet affordable outdoor lighting products from us you are definitely ensuring that all visitors to your home or premises establish a great first impression which encourages them to remain for as long as possible.   For outstanding outdoor wall lights which secure your property and ensure a warm and illuminating welcome to all guests and/or clients, please always choose National Lighting.

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