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Eurovosion 2017

Eurovision 2017, that will take place in Kiev, is changing its rules again. First, the Russian participant was denied, Yulia Samoilova, the right to enter Ukraine because of her previous violation of this country’s law.

This was the reason for Russia to deny its participation in the contest this year. Then, the contest’s managers have allowed another competitor, Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral, not to be present on the official rehearsals on an exceptional basis. The reason for this is that  Sobral suffers from a severe heart disease and is currently undergoing medical treatment, which is why he’ll come to Kiev before a semi-final part. His sister, a co-author of his song Amar pelos dois, will replace Sobral during the Eurovision rehearsals, which have already started on April, 20.

The actual open ceremony of Eurovision will take part on Sophia square, one of the most magnificent places in Kiev. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, 6 days before the final Eurovision show. The actual final concert will be on May, 13. As the city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko proclaims, almost everything is completed and Kiev is already ready to welcome its foreign guests. During the Eurovision 2017, it is also planned to increase the number of police forces, so that all the citizens and Kiev guests would feel safe and secure.

It has to be underlined, that the logo of Eurovision 2017 is recognisable enough because of it’s interesting idea. It was made by two Ukrainian agencies, Republic and Band, and it’s slogan is “Celebrate diversity”, what perfectly shows the values of Eurovision.

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