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Kitchens those look different with mini makeovers

In these times of recession not everyone can afford a full-fledged remodeling. When it comes to kitchen remodeling it may neither be possible or very practical do a full remodeling. Thousands of dollars may be required and months to plan and execute. Instead an affordable, quick and small makeover will give you satisfactory results.

Start the project for kitchen remodeling with the hardware for your kitchen. Knobs and handles on your drawers are like jewelry for your kitchen- dress it up! Brushed nickel or chrome finishes add to the lively look of your cabinets and drawers. Black or white cabinets with glass give a retro look.

Another affordable update in your kitchen is to change just the top on the island or top of the breakfast bar to get a new look. Changing the whole countertop finish as well as bar and island is a much bigger job with changes in sink and faucet to add to the expense. Quartz or recycled glass will go very well with the white or black of the cabinets.

Older kitchens generally have big plastic light boxes or just one lighting fixture in the center of the kitchen. Removing that and replacing it with an easy and affordable lighting solution, with each area having a lighting focused on it will add to the look and serve the purpose very well.

A good kitchen faucet adds to the value of your kitchen and a good addition for your kitchen remodeling. With hundreds of styles and price ranges to choose from select a faucet that boosts the style of your kitchen and if it is a water-saving model all the more good.

If you are thinking of adding a tile makeovers for the backsplash mix and match your tiles to give it a contemporary finish. This combination of tiles can be used elsewhere like on counter tops or floors.

Mixing unlike shapes in your kitchen adds to the aesthetic appeal. For example you can have a rectangular upper island matched with a circular table a little lower creates a juxtaposition which is appealing.

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