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QS stores

The QS stores in is the online bathroom where you can get the latest top brand bathroom products. QS Supplies is one of the largest independent bathroom wholesalers and retailers in uk. They are into this business since 1990 providing high quality products with exceptional service to trade. Q S supplies believing in delivering genuine quality bathroom products such as bathroom vanities, furniture and heated towel rails to thousands of people in Britain.

You can get the flat panel radiators in QS supplies. You can get the varieties of flat panel radiators here. They are covered with a flat panel. You can find this product in many brands like Apollo, Hudson Reed and many other brand and they are available in cheap and affordable prices. You can select any one according to your requirement. Ranges of radiators are designed to delight their users eyes and make them feel like in spa every time they experience its warmth.

You can get the designer radiator as well which is very easy to put and easy to use as well. Designer Radiators have totally changed people’s perspective on radiators during the last several years. Traditionally a radiator is a functional part of a room, designed to blend in and not stand out. Why can’t a radiator be a point of interest and a talking point in a room? No longer do you have to settle for a standard panel radiator! Whatever type of central heating system you have, it’s simple to add a new Designer Radiator to enhance your room .

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