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Summer Lights

Although not traditionally the lighting season, summer is upon us and the need to be well-lit is as important as any other time of year. As the day darkens, you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to take advantage of the warm and balmy evenings. By being well-lit, both inside and out, you can do this with comfort and in style.

You can easily add an extra touch of class to your dining room by placing a carefully selected pendant lights over your eating area. By using well placed floor lights, wall lights and table lights around your living space, your dinner guests can stay longer and enjoy a few drinks in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

Of course, you can have different lights for different occasions, and they do not all need to be on at once. If you decide you want to make the most of a quiet evening and get stuck into that book you’ve wanted to read, we have an extensive range of floor reading lights for you to make this quality time even better. Considered the “Rolls Royce of reading lights”, the Bestlite BL3 is one of the most popular on the market. It is in danger of being overtaken, however, by Greta Magnusson’s new Grasshopper floor lights. We have tried a sample of these and can confidently say they will be very popular indeed.

Alternatively if you are hosting a number of guests, you will appreciate the extra space in your home. By choosing carefully from a range of table and floor lights and placing them around different rooms, you create hot spots of light, which in the evening make your home more welcoming.

It’s throughout the summer that people put more thought into lighting in their garden. Obviously you are likely to spend more time outside in the garden than at any other time of year. A splash of light from your terrace wall, say, behind a bit of ivy over your patio will be particularly pleasing to the eye. A popular choice is Astro lighting’s new Salerno wall light. Its opal glass set in a clean black frame fits nicely anywhere in your garden to provide that evening night-light.

Whether there are dark clouds above, or a clear night sky, you will find that even in the summer it is important to be well lit, in or outside. Finding the right lighting solution can add real value and class to your home, at any time of year.

For special lights be it wall lights to brighten up the bedroom or desk lights for your study, visit today to browse our quality selection.

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