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The dangerous health effects of bed bugs in your bed

Bed bugs are small, creepy creatures that are real big trouble. Nocturnal in nature, they stay comfortably hidden in the folds of your mattress or layers of your linen during the day. It is only at night that they start their ravages. They come out at night, suck blood out of their prey and quickly retire back into their hidden dens before anybody can spot them. Raised red bites on the body are the first indication that bed bugs are lurking somewhere around!

Bed bugs can have a tremendous degree of adverse effect on the health of individuals. They are not only a menace at your home, they are dangerous too! Illnesses like asthma and allergies can be triggered off when bed bugs attack the body. Contrary to their name, beds are not the only place where they live. They can as well hide out in corners, crevices, gaps in furniture, luggage and your sofa and upholstery. But a bed is their hot-spot for infestation, as this is where they can attack their prey with the least resistance, that is, when they are sleeping. Not only bedbugs, their droppings can be invisible to the human eye but can trigger allergic reactions when physically touched or inhaled. Therefore, it is essential to do regular vacuum cleaning of your bed and furnishings to keep the problem at bay.

Coming to bed bug rashes, they are reddish swollen reactions to bed bug bites and can be terribly itchy and troublesome. Some people who are not aware of bed bug infestation in their houses, initially mistake these rashes as allergic breakouts. A bed bug bite can develop into a whitish or reddish itchy bump with time and in some cases they slowly fade out during the day. People who have sensitive skin can suffer more with these rashes. Specific steroid gels and creams, when locally applied, can account for some relief. Physicians sometimes prescribe antihistamines for severe bites which refuse to go away. Neglecting a bed bug rash can aggravate the condition and the skin might become broken and swollen.

The adverse effects of bed bugs do not stop with bites and rashes only. These parasites are noted for passing on parasitic diseases to the body of their prey. When the bed bugs bite, they prick the body of the prey and pass on a wee bit of saliva into it. Being carriers of harmful pathogens like Hepatitis B and plague, their bite can really have high impact health effects. Although this has not been clinically established, there are studies which indicate that bed bug bites can give rise to a series of adverse health concerns.

Since bed bugs live mostly in the bed, they hamper a good night’s sleep and can bring about sleep deprived stress. The effect can be felt in sleep problems like insomnia, irritation and panic attacks. Also if you are a chronic allergy sufferer, it is time to change over from natural bedding to natural silk bedding .The health effects of bed bugs are always dangerous and negative. It is important to maintain in-house hygiene and cleanliness to eliminate bed bugs. In extreme cases professional exterminating services have to be called for treatment.

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