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Unique Ways to Install Wood Floors to Your Home

Wood floor installation methods have never been a task as efficient as they are today. With the techniques available today, installing a hardwood floor can be a matter of a few hours, with the use of underlayments. The days of using glues, nails, nail guns, staples and other messy techniques are long gone as the method of glueless installation has become ever so formal. These self-adhesive membranes are fast and simple, yet extremely cost effective to install prefinished or even unfinished solid and engineered hardwood floors to your house. Due to the nature of the membrane, the floor can essentially be installed on any type of surface.

So the question of how to install hardwood flooring gets answered with a simple membrane. This membrane creates a permanent seal which enables a continuous tension between the boards so that gapping is reduced. Furthermore, warping and buckling issues between the boards also diminishes; a phenomenon which usually happens when the hardwood is nailed or glued to the floor. Another great part of this is that during the extreme humidity changes, expansion and contraction are natural – and this membrane allows for such to happen naturally and greatly reduces cupping. So if now anyone ever asks you how to install a hardwood floor, you can always refer them to membranes that simplify the installation of engineered wood floors and can be used over existing wood floors, vinyl sheets or even tiles & ceramics. No glue, no mess and ultimately no fuss!

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