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BC Wildfires: BCAA advice to homeowners

A hazy, ethereal sunrise reminds BC residents of the wildfires currently burning around the province. As a homeowner, what should you do if you are put on evacuation notice? Brooke Moss, Home Insurance Product Manager at BCAA shares some important steps homeowners can follow when threatened by a wild fire. Brooke Moss: The first thing to do when put on evacuation is to contact your insurance agent and have a discussion about exactly what your policy covers. Most people will just renew their insurance year after year and haven’t really talked to anybody in a long time, and it’s really important to understand exactly what type of coverage you have, so you will know how to make a claim. And then of course, if you need to get emergency funds, or to make a claim for any damage, you always want to contact the insurance company right away. And most companies have a 24 hour emergency claims line. And at that point through that discussion, they will be able to tell you exactly what type of coverage you have, and what the process is for making that claim and getting things back in order. Often times it’s the process that people are unaware of, and really helping to understand what that is, will help make it a lot easier. If you are on evacuation alert you really have to be prepared to leave at any moment. What you want to do is move your valuables and irreplaceable items to either a safe location if you have a safe; maybe you have a lockbox somewhere else, or have them ready so you

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