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Bedding Basics – a Guide to Buying Sheets and Bedding Collections

We’d like to think our mother taught us everything we needed to know about creating a beautiful and practical home, but mom may not have been the domestic sort, or we may not have been paying attention. When it comes to setting up a bedroom there are bedding basics that you will need no matter what. After you invest in a bed frame, box spring and mattress you’ll want to protect them with a boxspring cover and a mattress pad. The boxspring cover protects the boxspring from dust and provides a clean, finished look while a mattress pad not only prolongs mattress life, it can provide extra comfort and a more restful night’s sleep.

Next up – sheets and sheet sets – a top or flat sheet and a fitted or bottom sheet are required along with pillow cases. Sheets are available singly or sold as sheets sets which often include the pillowcases. Sheets and sheet sets are offered in a range of fabrics from 100% cotton to blends and can be woven or knit. There are various weaves – sateen, pinpoint percale and jacquard are just a few and you’ll find all sorts of cotton – Egyptian, Pima, Supima and organic, along with synthetics and other blends. Also consider the manufacturing technique –are you seeking flannel sheets, jersey knit or combed cotton? Finally there is thread count (not a factor in knit sheets, only woven). Look for a thread count of at least 200 – assuming you seek the softest and most durable sheets, the higher the thread count the better. With so many choices you’ll want to stock up on sheets and sheet sets – a good rule of thumb is one set on the bed, one in the wash and one at the ready.

Now on to bedding collections or bedding ensembles – these usually consist of a bedskirt, two shams and a quilt or comforter, and all of the components mix and match with complementary prints, colors and patterns. Ready for a nap yet? Relax – you can find bedding basics, bedding collections, sheets and sheet sets at Bed Bath & Beyond any time of the day or night.

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