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The History of the Great Mathis Brothers

Mathis Brothers is providing the Oklahoma City Area with the best selection of great quality home furniture designs. The retailer continuously remained popular for more than 50 years since the year 1960. The ever so famous furniture retailer was founded by brothers Don Mathis and Bud Mathis. Now, the Mathis Brothers Furniture is now run by Don Mathis’ sons Bill and Larry Mathis. Mathis Brothers Furniture or MBF is known for its great ability to offer their customers with discounted value priced pieces. Within the duration of 50 years, the MBF enjoyed deserving success and is now expanding to include other places like California and Oklahoma.

In the year 1955, the original Mathis Brothers Furniture store was opened and was located in the city of Oklahoma. The brothers, Don and Bud Mathis got their exceptional skills in furnish creation by helping out with their parent’s furniture store. The other brother, Bud Mathis left Mathis Brothers to pursue other career enterprises, while Don Mathis continued the legacy of their family with the help of his ever so loving sons Larry and Bill Mathis.

Don Mathis’ sons bought Mathis Brothers from their father in the year 1988. The MBF was business bureau accredited since the 1973. MBF sells furniture pieces that are perfect for anyone’s bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and offices. Also, they offer a large number of accent pieces that are exquisitely designed like rugs, benches, chairs, display cabinets to complete a certain look that one wants to achieve in a room.

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