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Funny facts about iconic logos

Every logotype has to be not only pretty, but also have some background, some of them have secrets behind, which are not recognisable at first sight.

  • Baskin Robbins

Not everyone knows and puts attention on a number “31”, which is hidden into letter “B” and “R” and not everyone knows what does this number mean, but to think for a while it makes clear that it’s a number of ice-cream tastes, that are proposed in cafe.

  • The SUN Microsystems

At first sight it’s difficult to see how many times the word “sun” can be read in a logo, looks like twice, but to look carefully it’s seen four times round.

  • Northwest Airlines

The first feature is that in logo you see letter “N”, but after the second look the letter “W” is also clearly recognisable. And the second feature is that letters, hidden into a circle are pointing to the northwest, like it’s written in the name.

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