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How to choose a colour?

Looking for a perfect colour for design, each creator has to understand that it’s very important, because each colour has direct meaning and is useful for different audiences.

First of all it’s necessary to understand, that too colourful logotype, website of design of apartment is not a good decision. It’s much better to choose 2-3 main ones and a few adscititious, design doesn’t have to look like a rainbow.

Than creators have to choose colours, what is really momentous, because all of them have different purposes and meanings.

Don’t make colour a main point in your design, because it’s known that each 12th of people on the planet is suffering from colorblindness and will not even recognise your palette.


The most important part of any creation is still design, but such feature as well chosen colour would easily make it perfect, as it worked with creation of the most famous logotypes of the worldwide corporations, which may be recognised by anyone.

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