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Regulating the Level of Humidity in a Storage Unit

Making sure that your storage unit does not excessive moisture inside is extremely important, especially if you have delicate items stored in them. If there is too much humidity in a storage unit, it can easily cause wood to rot, rusting and the growth of mold and mildew. Too much moisture can also create an environment which is suitable for insect infestation that, in turn, could cause damage to your stored belongings, particularly your paper documents and files, mattresses, electronic items and musical instruments.

To monitor the amount of moisture in your storage unit, you could buy and install a relative humidity gauge. This is readily available from most home improvement and hardware stores. To avoid problems caused by too much moisture, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency recommends a relative humidity lower than 50 percent.

Another way to regulate the level of humidity would be to install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a membrane which has a permeability value of lower than 1.0. A vapor barrier can just be made with some polyethylene film and laminated paper. It should be installed on the side of the wall which is warmer so that moisture can be prevented from going inside the storage unit. They can also be installed underneath floor so that any ground moisture would be prevented from seeping through the unit.

Placing a container with a chemical which is known to absorb moisture would be another good solution. An example of such a chemical would be silica gel. Silica gel is readily available at grocery stores and industrial chemical supply stores. However, keep in mind that if your storage unit has open windows, using a container with a moisture-absorbing chemical would not be a good idea as it can just draw in excess moisture from the surrounding air outside, making your unit even more humid.

You can also install an electric light fixture inside the unit, especially if your commercial property storage unit facility has access to electrical power. This can help in consistently drying the air as well as effectively help in preventing mold and mildew from growing and causing damage to your belongings.

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