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Shopping Tips for Finding the Perfect Vanity

Shopping for everything you need for renovating your bathroom can be a little confusing, and this is especially true with bathroom vanities and sink cabinets. So here’s to hoping that this short guide can point you in the right direction. There are a few different shopping options that you can use to help steer you toward a good resource.

First of all, our friends over at Google have their own resource of goods that they’ve index for our shopping needs. If you are browsing the manufacturer’s website and you come across a product ID number/SKU, head on over to Google Shopping and paste that in there. What will come up next is a list of different products, so go ahead and click on the one you’re searching for. Click on that and you should see a list of different websites where this product appears, and the price that it’s offered.


You’ve found a site that has the selection you’re looking for, but what else do you look for now? Well, as you’re browsing the website, the first thing you should take into consideration is “will my shopping experience here be secure and private?” The VERY first thing you should look for when you’re finished browsing and are ready to check out is whether or not the website has an “https” instead of the standard “http” in front of the URL of the site. This usually appears on the check out screen where you put your sensitive information. A website checkout screen with “https” will ensure that the information you transmit (like your credit card, name, address, etc) cannot be hijacked by a malicious third party. This should be a deal breaker if the site does not have this security feature enabled. There are other different safety features you should look out for, but this is the biggest one.

Some people just want to see what they’re buying before they drop considerable cash on it, and that’s understandable. Search local! Hit up Google, Bing, or your search provider of choice and in the search box type in, for example, “san diego bath vanities”. Modern search engines can see that you’re trying to do a local search, and it will return a directory of local resources to pick up various bathroom sink cabinets.

Good luck on your search, and keep an eye out on this blog for more tips and tricks!

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